Pre-Strike Granules

Pre-Strike Granules

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Important Notice : This control product is to be used only in accordance with the directions on the label. Please read and follow all label directions carefully. This document is not a label.

Active Ingredients :
(S)-Methoprene ……1.5%
PCP # : 28152
Classification : Domestic
Quantity : 500 gms.

Pre-Strike® Granules are for application in standing water where mosquito larvae (wrigglers) develop (see Directions for Use). This product is effective against mosquitoes, including Culex and Culiseta species, in standing water. After the application of this product, mosquito larvae may continue to develop to the pupal stage, but will not emerge as adults. (S)-methoprene has no effect on mosquitoes which have reached the pupal or adult stage prior to treatment. (S)-methoprene is gradually released from granules over time and should last for about 21 days in aquatic sites with minimal water flow.


Pre-Strike Granules are for use only when mosquito larvae are present in:

  • Standing water wholly confined to the property of the user where there is no existing outflow beyond the property limits that remains for more than a week and cannot be drained (for example, flooded depressions, ponds).
  • Containerized water (for example, bird baths, flower planters, discarded tires, ornamental ponds, and rain barrels) that cannot be emptied, drained, flushed or changed at least weekly.
  • DO NOT apply this product to any water that is designed to flow beyond your property limits (for example, ditches, drains, rain gutters or catch basin sumps that flow into weeping tile beds or municipal storm drain systems).
  • BEFORE APPLYING THIS PRODUCT to a water body where there is a possibility of outflow beyond your property limits, contact your provincial/territorial regulatory authority as a permit may be required.

To help prevent mosquito infestations on your property, get rid of mosquito breeding sites. Do this by emptying, flushing or draining containerized and standing water, wherever practical, at least weekly or more frequently if mosquito larvae are present. For example, remove leaf litter from rain gutters, drill holes in bottoms of tire swings or discarded tires, empty water collected on pool covers, turn over wheel barrows and other containers, empty trapped water from recycling bins or trash containers, cover rain barrels with fly screen netting, replace water in bird baths and chlorinate swimming pools.

Timing of Application: Begin treating when mosquito larvae are first noted in the spring. To detect the presence of mosquito larvae, look closely for larvae moving in an“S” pattern at the water surface. Re-apply every 21 days, as long as mosquito larvae are present. After the application of this product, mosquito larvae may continue to develop to the pupal stage, but will not emerge as adults.

Application Rate: Measure the surface area of the water to be treated, and sprinkle the required amount of Pre-Strike Granules evenly over the water surface.

  • Shallow water: For areas with water less than 60 cm (2 feet) deep, apply at a rate of 5 mL of granules (equivalent to one level teaspoon) per 6 m2 (64 square feet) of water surface.
  • Deep water: For areas with water more than 60 cm deep, double the amount of granules per surface area stated above. Refer to tables below for examples of amount of granules required to treat various surface areas. For small containers/areas (e.g., rain barrels), apply at a rate of 2 granules per 5 litres of water. Do not use food utensils (such as tablespoons) or measuring cups/spoons for food purposes after contact with this product.
    – APPLICATION RATE IN SHALLOW WATER (less than 60 cm depth):
    Water surface area to be treated Amount of granules
    3 m2 (32 sq. ft.) 2.5 mL (½ teaspoon)
    6 m2 (64 sq. ft.) 5 mL (1 teaspoon)
    12 m2 (130 sq. ft.) 10 ml (2 teaspoons)
    20 m2 (215 sq. ft.) 15 ml (3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon)
    75 m2 (800 sq. ft.) 60 mL (4 tablespoons)
    300 m2 (3200 sq. ft.) 250 mL (1 cup)
    APPLICATION RATE IN DEEP WATER (more than 60 cm depth):
    Water surface area to be treated Amount of granules
    3 m2 (32 sq. ft.) 5 mL (1 teaspoon)
    6 m2 (64 sq. ft.) 10 mL (2 teaspoons)
    12 m2 (130 sq. ft.) 20 mL (4 teaspoons)
    20 m2 (215 sq. ft.) 30 mL (2 tablespoons)
    75 m2 (800 sq. ft.) 120 mL (½ cup)
    300 m2 (3200 sq. ft.) 500 mL (2 cups)


Avoid breathing dust. Causes moderate eye irritation. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Wear rubber gloves when handling the product. Due to the size and abrasiveness of the granule, use protective eyewear and long sleeved shirt and pants when handling the product. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Do not use in water which may be used for human or livestock drinking purposes. Do not apply to water that is not confined to the property being treated. Only enclosed/standing pools of water may be treated.