Bed Bug Trap & Surge Protector
Bed Bug Trap & Surge Protector

Bed Bug Trap & Surge Protector

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For Bed Bug Elimination & Prevention.

100% COMPLETELY DISCREET BED BUG TRAP – Disguised as a Surge Protector!

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to sources of heat, whether it be body heat, electrical sources or otherwise. BEAPCo’s Surge Protector and Bed Bug Trap features a built in heat generator which bed bugs naturally seek out. The edges of the Surge Protector easily allow bed bugs to climb up into the replaceable glue cartridge – no chemicals or solutions required – and the deep inner channel prevents bed bugs from crawling out of the trap. The trap also comes with a bed bug pheromone attractant which lasts 90 days. The Trap blends seamlessly into any home decor by doubling as a 6-outlet 900-Joule power bar/surge protector.

Guests in your home will have no idea you are actively trapping and preventing bed bugs!

Surge Protector Features:

  • Lighted ON/OFF switch
  • Surge Protector – 900 Joules
  • 6 Outlet Power Bar
  • 3ft Insulated Cord

Bed Bug Trap Features:

  • Built in 9V Heater for luring bed bugs
  • Built in bed bug pheromone attractant – lasts 90 days
  • Replaceable Glue Cartridge
  • Recessed Glue Cartridge keeps bug hidden
  • Blends into home decor – completely discreet bed bug trap!


Joule Rating – 900J
Electrical Rating – 15A, 125V, 60Hz, 1875 W
Voltage Protection Rating – L-N: 15,000 A, L-G: 15,000 A, N-G: 15,000 A

Maximum Surge Voltage – 6000V
Clamping Voltage – 500V
QPS Approved Conforms to UL and CSA Standards

Features a replaceable glue cartridge which immobilizes bed bugs who are seeking harborage and heat within the power bar. Additional Replaceable Glue Cartridges for Bed Bug Trap & Surge Protector sold separately.

How it Works
When placed near problem and common bed bug areas, BEAPCO’s Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector with lure is an effective and discreet way of monitoring and gauging the effectiveness of your pest control treatment. The 900 Joule, 6-outlet Surge Protector features an integrated heater and “human scent” attractant proven to lure and attract bed bugs. Bed bugs, seeking these lure elements become stuck on a replaceable glue cartridge – simple, cost effective and discreet.

Developed alongside Rutger’s University Entomology Department.
How to Use it

Place the Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector beside bedding and in other problem areas. The Surge Protector has a wide enough lure radius to draw bed bugs away from a vacant article of furniture in order to detect any further bed bug activity. For larger rooms or infestations place multiple Surge Protectors beside bedding and other problem areas.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open Surge Protector by pressing button and lifting up
  2. Peel off protective paper on glue strip and lure before use
  3. Close trap and plug into wall outlet
  4. Turn Surge Protector ON

*Ensure Surge Protector remains horizontal

  1. Monitor frequently for bed bugs and replace glue cartridge when bed bugs are present